The Rare Diseases Application and Research Center (NADİR) responded to an invitation from Global Medical Grants (GMG) and was awarded US$50,000 in the form of an “Independent Medical Education Grant” for work in the field of “Multidisciplinary Gene Therapy Training in Monogenic Diseases – Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus (rAAV). The project, the preparatory works of which are continuing, is designed to raise awareness on rAAV-related gene therapies among clinicians working on diagnoses that may involve gene therapy. Many local and foreign speakers will share their knowledge during the training program, which will cover such topics as the history of gene therapies and planned developments for the future. It is planned to provide training to approximately 250 participants who are experts in their fields. To allow more specialists to benefit from the training programs, online training sessions will be organized in response to applications submitted through the website of the Rare Diseases Application and Research Center. Training sessions will be held three times a year as part of the certification program. Information about the training sessions, the first of which was held on January 13, 2023, is available on https://www.genterapisi.com/.