To mark National Phenylketonuria Day, the Ankara University School of Medicine Rare Diseases Application and Research Center (NADİR) and the Department of Pediatric Metabolic Diseases of the School of Medicine organized a meaningful and multi-colored event for hereditary metabolic patients who follow a low protein diet.


A workshop during which delicious low-protein meals were cooked was held on the terrace of the Children’s Hospital of the School of Medicine of Ankara University, organized by the Child Metabolism team (Associate Prof. Dr. Engin Köse, lecturer Dr. Neslihan Doğulu, lecturer Dr. Merve Koç Yekedüz, and lecturer Dr. İlknur Sürücü Kara) under the leadership of Fatma Tuba Eminoğlu, Director of the Rare Diseases Application and Research Center (NADİR) of the School of Medicine. Attending the event were Prof. Dr. Tanıl Kendirli, the Head Physician, and Associate Prof. Dr. Halil Özdemir, the Deputy Head Physician of Cebeci Hospital. The low-protein recipes created by chef Emrah Fandakli were served to the patients and their families.



Meals that are generally popular among children were prepared and served to the children and their families at the end of the workshop. Other activities put on for the children during the event included painting, bookmark design and musical activities, attended by the Child Support Group and the NADİR Student Community. Colorful balloons were flown to raise awareness among the attending healthcare workers, students and families. A surprise lottery was held at the event and a bread making machine was presented to the winning family. The children attending the event who are on special low-protein diets and who generally lack variety in their meals spent an enjoyable and colorful day with their families.

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